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Jan 09 2018
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Ikorodu Chapter Waxes Stronger

Following the inauguration of the Ikorodu chapter of the United Action for Change, UAC on Saturday, April 9, 2016, the chapter has not relented in propagating the ideals of the UAC and impacting their community.

It will be recalled that Nurudeen Ogbara, the chapter chairman had stated during the inauguration that the group was founded to fix the societal rots.

“This group is more of a pressure group than NGO. Our duty is to galvanize the public for development by  engaging every tier and arm of the government constructively in building a good society for all. It is also a non-partisanship movement”,  he explained.

He added, “ We will write petition, mobilize, institute actions against unjust and inhumane government policies and engage government in prioritizing projects”

“Since it is all about paradigm shift, our operation is not going to be the same way traditional organization is being run. Any member can be called upon to preside at meetings; represent or act in whatever capacity.

“The committee is going to be run on committee system, whereby sound and capable hands will be constituted into legal, economic etc committees to look into different government policies and proffer solution that will benefit the public”.