UAC Trains Over 200 Youths In 3-Day Leadership Bootcamp

Jan 09 2018
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The challenges facing the Nigerian youths are enormous. For faults which are largely not theirs, t young people strive for survival on many fronts. The unemployment rate hitting the roof, recession pangs parents, guardians and breadwinners’ income.   While many who had graduates from colleges could not secure decent employment, entrepreneurship ambition, ideas of business-thrilled youth remain paper projects.

This scary state of despondency necessitated the intervention of the United Action for Change, UAC on the plight of the youth.  Drawn from across Nigeria,  over 200 youths camped at the Federal Technical College, Akoka for a three-day practical leadership workshop between 16th and 18th, November, 2016.

Seasoned resource persons were assembled to drilled on ; Emotional intelligence; Organizational leadership;  Citizenship education, politics and governance; Entrepreneurship and financial intelligence; Project management and Advocacy tools.

The participants had a robust mentoring session with Professor Pat Utomi, a renowned Development Economy scholar. Utomi challenged the youths to think global by widening their horizon through explorative studies and researches of global trends.

Utomi added that youths had the power to turn things around in the country. He urged them not to succumbed to the ills of the society but rather be the change agents that he nation had been yearning.

In his remarks, the Convener of the United Action for Change, Dr. Muiz Banire, SAN  charged participants and by extention other youths to organize themselves to effect desired positive changes in the nation’s polity.

He bemoaned the passive interest of youths in governance, stressing that they had the population, but lack conviction.

Banire said: “The youths have the population but they don’t have the conviction.

“You must take your destiny into your hands by insisting on the candidate of your choice.

“You must make use of the power of the youth to effect the desired change.

“We must de-emphasize money politics. We must work against it and shame money.

“You must determine that money cannot buy my conscience.Money must not buy people’s conscience.”

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria urged Nigerians to use the constitutional provision of recall to withdraw non-performing legislators and ensure that competent individuals get elected into public offices.

Banire said: “There are two ways to deal with the problem at the National Assembly: There is a recall system provided for in the constitution.

“We have not been using this. We can withdraw a legislator if he is not serving our interest.

“Also, there is what is called accountability and probity, which the electorate must demand from their elected public office holders.

“You have the right to ask questions on how the monies accruing to the local governments are being spent.

“We have not been doing this and that is why it has become a major challenge.

“You have to educate your peers that their votes are too important to be traded.

“It is not a commodity for sale. It signifies employment, good health and better future.

“You must exercise this right (voting) responsibly.”


Banire further stated that the bane of Nigeria’s development was leadership deficiency.

According to him, Nigeria has all the endowment to be a great and enviable country among the comity of nations.

He added that people don’t necessarily have to hold public positions before they add value to the society.

On reasons why his group organized the leadership training for the youths, Banire said it was the belief of UAC to continuously impact positively on the society.

He said: “So we are organizing this training to raise new set of leaders with patriotic mindset.

“We expect them to be Ambassadors of change in their respective communities by influencing their peers positively.”

In his own submission, the Director-General of the National Orientation Agency, Dr. Garba Abari, expressed gratitude to UAC for organizing the training.

Abari urged the youth to rededicate themselves to nation-building by departing from the old order and embracing new ways of doing things, which the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has exemplified.

He reiterated that the ‘Change begins with me’ campaign of the present administration is a clarion call and not just a political slogan.

The NOA boss contented that Nigeria had no problem with poverty and under-development considering the vast natural resources and good climatic condition available in the country.