Good Governance Part 12

Aug 11 2018
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1. Your vote, your life. An area of interest today is the lackadaisical attitude of our people after election.

2. In most cases, we go to bed and allow impunity to reign between the period of the election and the next. We seem not to know that we have responsibilities to discharge if we mean well for the system.

3. The first area in this regard is accountability. Do we demand same from the elected officials? Prior to their election, they often present manifesto of promises, though most times, warped but regardless we must still ask questions.

4. It is imperative that we measure their promises against performance. From my personal experience, most elected officials abandon the Party manifesto for their personal preferences thereby leaving the voters in the cold.

5. How many of us demand to know how much our local government or states receives by way of allocation? How much is the internal generated revenue? How is the money spent?

6. In the midst of this passiveness, we celebrate them due to our psyche that will appear to have been bastardised.

7. An elected government presents you with a bore hole, rather than asking the cost and why not proper Water plant? You start praising him to high heaven.

8. In most instances, the cost of that singular borehole would have provided you conveniently with ten of such. On even policies matter, we failed to ensure that we are reckoned with.

9. We do not query postures or position of these people taken on our behalf. My charge to us therefore is to demand accountability from the elected officials always. We must not wait until the next election when it may be too late.

10. There is a potent tool by virtue of the Freedom of information Act through which we can demand information.

11. We need to familiarize ourselves with it and there are several public interest litigation groups now that are willing and ready to further help agitate issues further.

12. Let me quickly state that by the latest court of Appeal decision, States are bound by the Act. Even beyond the Act, it is only morally right that elected officials render account to their constituents.

13. This is one of my major disagreement with the leadership of Lagos state government. Except transactions are done under the table, it shouldn’t be a difficult thing to be transparent.

14. Apart from the Act, the Procurement Act/ laws are meant to guarantee transparency and ensure accountability.  Flagrant violation of same is now the order of the day. Whistle blower legislation is coming up also.

15. Most of these legislations the United action for change have facilitated and promoted. Elected officials get away with all manner of things because of our nonchalant attitude.

16. Next week God willing, we will explore available remedies where elected officials fails to render account. As usual, remember again that your vote is your life, guard it jealously.