Good Governance Part 9

Aug 11 2018
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1. Your vote, your life. We are back today on the issue of agents and the Election Day activities.1. Your vote, your life. We are back today on the issue of agents and the Election Day activities.

2. For the purpose of protecting your votes on the day of election, you cannot be at all the polling units personally, hence the need to appoint agents that will represent you at all the polling units.

3. Most elections are lost in this process where incompetent people are chosen or where people without principle that are capable of compromising the candidates are chosen. It is a thing I have witnessed in my political career.

4. In appointing your agents, you must most importantly consider integrity as an indispensable asset. Anybody you are going to choose must be a person of integrity and credible in all ramifications.

5. Your agents must be educated enough to be able to read and write. Added advantage will be the understanding of the electoral process.

6. Let me quickly add that even where they are conversant with the electoral process, you still will as a matter of compulsion need to organise special training for them in this regard. It is preferable to have middle age people as agents, regardless of whether a man or a woman.

7. This is however not sacrosanct. Beyond education, such people to be appointed as agents must be agile and physically fit for the assignment. For example, if you appoint a diabetic person that needs to go and urinate often.

8. In between the exodus, a lot of irreparable damages could have been done. Again, there is no rule that says that they must be your party members. They can be taking from any sector.

9. Your agents must be resilient in the face of all aggression. They must not yield to any threat, manoeuvring or manipulation. Upon the appointment of the agents, there are some enhancements that the candidate needs to provide by way of logistics.

10. Writing materials must be provided for them. Monitoring equipments ranging from camera phones, monitoring devices such as transmitters can be provided depending on affordability.

11. Transportation, particularly motor bikes. Entertainment is crucial as agents must not under any circumstances have cause to leave their duty posts as a result of hunger or thirst.

12. Breakfast, lunch and dinner must be supplied to them at their duty posts including occasional snacks. All these depends on affordability.

13. The various roles the agents shall be playing on election days will be our pre occupation next week God willing. Once again, your vote is your life, struggle always to protect it.