Good Governance Part 13

Dec 29 2018
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  1. Your vote, your life. As opined last week, we need to demand accountability from our elected leaders. Where they fail, we then trigger the remedial process.
  2. In respect of legislators, the constitution provides for their recall. This we can do even where we do not succeed. In my opinion, for the singular fact that it is commenced, it signifies presumption of indictment.
  3. That goes to his or her record and could eventually negatively impact his future success, particularly at the poll.
  4. In respect of the executive, the mode of sanction is impeachment. This is usually through the legislators. Regrettably however, in our present dispensation, in virtually all Assemblies, they are populated by robots.
  5. By this I mean, legislators that are not independent and do not have mind of their own. It is a major hiccup.
  6. The lesson here is that in the coming election, we need to look out for quality candidates that are capable of exercising independent reasoning.
  7. We must vote out the political scavengers occupying some of these positions. Where we are able to install robust house, then the complaints will be laid before them.
  8. Even prior to that time, if they are productive, they would have unveiled the same iniquity. This will then trigger the impeachment process.
  9. Again, succeeding is not the ultimate, starting it is even a good omen towards sanitisation of the system.
  10. Where however all these options fail, we must wait for the next poll and vote them out. As earlier indicated, you must treasure your vote and exercise it wisely. 12. This determines your life. Ensure it counts and not exercised for whatever primordial reason. Remember our theme, your vote is your life.