Good Governance Part 14

Dec 29 2018
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  1. Welcome to today’s episode of our discussion. We will be talking about the youths and voting. Remember that your vote is your life and this is the season to determine how you will exercise it.
  2. In this context, as earlier indicated in my previous presentation, we must not allow the gladiators to distract us from the main issues that should form the core of the campaign.
  3. By this, we agree that if the parties cannot define the issues that should form the kernel of their campaigns, we as voters must find a way of doing it for them.
  4. Remember also in the first instance that we agreed that at our various constituencies we must convene platforms for debates for the various parties/candidates.
  5. Apart from local issues of interest to us, there must be national issues to be agitated. For example, taxation is always a central issue globally. Can various candidates for executive positions and other positions react to this?.
  6. Remember the issue of land use charge recently, the environmental levies! Replications of these abound in several other states. What is the vision of the candidate on the infrastructural development?
  7. We need to interrogate educational policies of the candidates, are we going to be secured in the hands of the candidates? These are but some of the issues that must occupy the center stage now.
  8. Rather than hailing any candidate/party that engages in smear campaign, we must not only condemn it but minus the credit for such.
  9. My presumption also is that as earlier agreed, we must by now have conducted or be conducting investigation into the pedigree of the candidates. This is crucial in determining his qualification to contest in the first instance.
  10. How well educated and exposed is the candidate? In the era of certificate buying, can we find a way of determining his educational competence?
  11. Do not get carried away by external appearances as any rogue can camouflage that. All that glitters is not gold. This is my short admonition today. Remember the key to your quality life lies in the wise exercise of your franchise.