Good Governance Part 15

Dec 29 2018
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  1. Your vote is your life, please protect and guard it jealously. Today we shall be considering the role of the young people in the forthcoming elections in 2019.
  2. As we all know or should know, young people constitute, conservatively, sixty percent of the population and are the highest stakeholders in the Nigerian project.
  3. Every vice or challenge affect them more than any other demographic. When it comes to unemployment; they are the worst hit, Education, the greatest victim, poverty etc.
  4. These are some of the compelling reasons why they must therefore take themselves seriously by playing positive role that will alleviate their plight.
  5. It is incumbent on all young people at this time to shun the role of thuggery hitherto assigned to them by the capricious politicians. In doing this, the educated and enlightened ones need to assemble the illiterates amongst them and orientate them.
  6. It is insufficient and unacceptable that they content themselves with their own roles. They need as a matter of urgency to impact their peers.
  7. Secondly, they need to be in the forefront of identifying the right candidates to vote for. They must set up machinery towards achieving this.
  8. Platforms for debates and evaluation of candidates’ pedigree and competence must be put in place. Personal engagements of potential voters is very important.
  9. They must guard and guide the helpless market women as well as other vulnerable citizens. They must guard their votes and ensure that every vote counts, they must be the soldiers as they still possess the required energy and the education essential for this.
  10. They must be opinion moulders. They cannot afford to be complacent as such will spell doom for them and the Nation. Now is the time for them not only to be matured but responsible.
  11. Again, I want to plead at the risk of begging that the young people must lead the revolution against money politics. The damage of this to the choice of the people is huge. The youths need to mount vigorous campaign against this.
  12. Voters must be educated on why they must not sell their votes as those votes are their lives. It is important to let them know that the money they are being given is in the first instance their money from the public treasury and where not so, it will be eventually post-election be recovered from the public treasury.
  13. They need to protect the vulnerable from the evil hands of the political merchants masquerading as leaders.In most instances, the amount they are given is over a million times less than their natural entitlement under good governance.
  14. Beyond this, it is the money meant for the provision of quality education, good health, great infrastructure etc that are being pillaged now or in the future. Where such temptation is even irresistible, assuming without conceding, let them take it and still vote their conscience.
  15. The youths must preach against any form of violence, victimisation, oppression and intimidation in the exercise of people’s franchise. I want to see the young ones lead this struggle for enthronement of true democracy in our land.
  16. This certainly will translate to good governance. This is my counsel today and will urge and beg that we all give this admonition the widest publicity. Remember always, ‘your vote is your life’ , guard it jealously.