Good Governance Part 16

Dec 29 2018
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  1. My patriots, welcome to today’s episode or version of our discussion on good governance. Remember as usual that your vote is your life, guard and protect it jealously.
  2. We shall be discussing thuggery and violence in electoral process. Elections at all levels are expected to be peaceful and orderly. However, our experience as a Nation does not depict this expectation. Rather, elections are often marred by violence and thuggery, right from the nomination level to the general elections.
  3. To a large extent, the violence does not occur by accident but more often than not, propelled by the politicians. They are the people who most times engage the thugs to manipulate the process.
  4. Honestly speaking, at times the candidates are not involved but triggered by their supporters. This is part of the price of desperation by the politicians, particularly those without alternative contact addresses. That is, those who do nothing other than politics. Who are the people found useful in this regard, they are mostly the youths. They find them attractive because of the level of abject poverty they have subjected them to.
  5. This class because of their joblessness, immaturity and vulnerability are often exploited.
  6. They take advantage of compromised security agents or absence of any of the security agents at the polling booth. The interesting thing is that some of these thugs have barons that are not only known to the security men but even their communities.
  7. The people in the area are however unable to resist because of lack of security for them. It is either that the barons have compromised the security agents or the politicians have obtained security cover for their illegal activities for them.
  8. This thuggery and violence perpetrated often impacts negatively on the electoral process.
  9. For how long are we going to live with this?. I believe that if we truly seek good governance. It is a vice we need to tame. How do we do this?.
  10. Our journey must start with the education of these youths not to allow themselves to be used as thugs. Most of the sponsors have their children abroad.
  11. Secondly, we need to let them know that their joblessness is deliberate. They want to retain them at poverty level so as to render them continuous tools.
  12. Thirdly, we need to let them know that whatever amount they are being given is a fraction of their entitlements from the common wealth.
  13. Again, that their facilitating free and fair election would confer on them and their children higher quality of life. It will not be equally out of place if we draw their attention to the various religious admonition against violence.
  14. The second layer is for us to educate the security agents about the implications of compromising the electoral process for the politicians, as it affects them and the general public at large.
  15. They need to be proactive in terms of engaging these thugs and their sponsors. The Barons needs to be kept away or at barest minimum, bind over to be of good behaviour. The evil of violence is huge and must be addressed seriously if we want a free and fair election that is capable of giving birth to good leaders.
  16. There is no waiting time for this campaign again, we need to move out quickly to deliver this sermon. Remember that your vote is your life, safeguard it .