Who We Are

UNITED ACTION FOR CHANGE , a broad umbrella of different segments of change having different activities, targeting change that are relating to the people have come together to form a formidable and well-informed organization known as CHANGE NIGERIA with a slogan …Nigeria first! In an attempt to ensure our society’s economic development, political emancipation, social re-orientation, peaceful co-existence and cooperation, UAC has come together to engage political office holders and the public, providing desired leadership that will ensure and sustain good governance. The purpose of the UNITED ACTION FOR CHANGE is to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in Nigeria and to increase appreciation of the CHANGE NIGERIA’s values and achievements.

Everything we do must contribute to one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Improved perception of Nigeria within and outside our shores
  • Greater mutual understanding and trust amongst Nigerians
  • Stronger ties amongst federating states in Nigeria.
Our vision is a just society that ensures the rule of law. We want a nation where people are valued and treated equally, enjoy their rights as full citizens, and can influence decisions affecting their lives.
To make Nigeria a model in the comity of nations.