Core Activities

We value our differences and draw strength from our diversity, by supporting programs that engage people across societies and benefit whole communities and the Nigerian society. Learning from your experience, and fostering active engagement to promote the rule of law as a means of sustaining good governance, and striving to enable citizens to exercise their democratic rights and assert their dignity as full citizens and take control of their lives.


We are part of a larger movement for change. This we ensure by raising public awareness and consciousness, on the causes of bad governance and encourage ordinary people to take action for a better and just society.


We press decision-makers to change policies and practices that destroy rule of law and accountability, fairness and justice in legislation and implementation of policies and urge all to adhere to simple dictates of democracy in the interest of all.

Putting it all together

We use a multi-dimensional approach to address both the causes of bad governance and its effect on people's lives.

Where We Work

We work with all tiers of government to ensure good governance, quality leadership by understanding and ensuring that we x-ray programs, implementation of good policies by leaders and followers to ensure strict adherence to the rule of law by our elected officials. We are simply changing status-quo by engaging political office holders and the public and ensuring accountability and probity.

Our Resources

The people are our resources; we engage with them, they believe in us. The synergy ensued is our strength.

Our Network

Our network covers the entire nook and cranny of Nigeria and Nigerians who may benefit from our programs and workshop. By getting in touch with the Change Nigeria cell in your area, you can effect little change that can make a whole difference.